MSN Pop Up Blocker: A Review and How to Tutorial

Trying to get rid of pop up ads? Not only are they annoying and slow down your computer but they can be dangerous as they make your computer vulnerable to spyware. You may want to try the MSN pop up blocker. This feature is built into the Windows Live toolbar (which was formerly known as the MSN Search toolbar). I’ve recently tried using the MSN pop up blocker, and it’s been useful to block most pop up windows. Click here to read more: android spy apps

Pros to Using MSN Pop Up Blocker

The MSN pop up blocker stops most pop up windows. It’s fast and easy to setup – it took me about five minutes. Visually, it appears less cluttered than other toolbars, so it looks simple and does not take up a lot of screen space. The MSN pop up blocker also claims to block pop ups while also checking for bad (phishing) websites that try to steal your personal information. If you use Hotmail for your email, you may prefer to use the MSN toolbar instead of the Google toolbar.

Cons to Using MSN Pop Up Blocker

Even with its sleek design, some may find that it’s not as intuitive to use as other toolbars. While it prevents many pop ups, the MSN pop up blocker does not stop all of them. So you may need to use it in combination with another method of stopping pop up ads such as Google’s pop up blocker. You may want to read my article on how to stop pop ups and my article on the Google pop up blocker toolbar. Go to this site: android spy apps

If you do not have the MSN (Windows Live) toolbar already, here’s what you’ll need to do:

1. Download MSN pop up blocker at:
1. On the top right, click on the “Get it free” button
2. When the window appears, click on “Run” button. If IE prompts you, then confirm that you want to run this software.
3. When the MSN pop up blocker is finished installing, you will need to accept the terms and agreement as well as customization options.
4. If you are using Windows Vista, you will be prompted to give permission for your computer to continue.
5. A window will appear to give you the installation status. It takes a few minutes but you’re able to do other things during the process.
6. When the installation completes, the installer window will let you know that “You’re Done”. Click on the “Close” button.
7. IE should start automatically with the MSN toolbar installed, and in view above the web page.

System Requirements to Use MSN Pop Up Blocker

According to the MSN website, you’ll need:

· Operating system Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or later, or Windows Vista
· Processor Minimum 800 MHz processor
· Memory Minimum 128 MB of RAM (256 MB or more recommended)
· Browser Internet Explorer 6 or later
· Display Minimum 800 x 600 screen resolution (1024 x 768 or larger recommended)

How Does the MSN Pop Up Blocker Compare to Other Pop Up Blockers?

I have tested it recently, and although I have only used it for a short time, the MSN pop up blocker seems to work pretty well in stopping most pop ups. However, I think that Google’s pop up blocker may restrict more pop ups. While I have not used Yahoo’s toolbar, Yahoo claims that their pop up blocker and toolbar has anti spyware protection built in.

In my experience, it seems to get rid of all the pop up windows when I use both MSN pop up blocker and Google pop up blocker together. Sometimes I’ll use both toolbars, since it seems that Google will catch the ads that MSN misses and vice versa. You can use these toolbars with the Internet Explorer 7 pop up blocker or the Firefox browser to add more protection. Keep in mind, there is no single program that will stop all of ads.